shape of things to come

manninen is a finn who currently lives in england.

manninen will most likely post about TV shows she loves, and music which makes her happy.
random posts are additional bonus to the list too.

p.s. "shape of things to come" is a title of a song composed by bear mccreary.
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photos from edgar’s mission animal rescue sanctuary in vctoria, australia of leon trotsky, a piglet who suffered a broken pelvis, and frosty the snow goat, who lost the use of his back legs from a debilitating and life threatening condition known as joint naval ill. with use of the training wheels seen here, both were able to get around while they healed and ultimately (as evidenced in the last photos) recovered.

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Game over, man.

Game over.

Alien; sharpie and marker.  Day seventeen of inktober

well now that’s the question isn’t it…

                         w h e r e are we going?

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Oreo cleaning his little feeties~!

OMG I can’t take it

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Blood Moon eclipse Oct 8 2014 (USA) by Matt Anderson || Website

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Acrobats ©

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White on White by